Artisan Hand Dyed Fabrics.


Nearly all of the fabrics used in Kobieta Clothing are not only hand designed, hand cut and hand sewn...but are also hand dyed. What does this this means for the customer? It means your clothing from Kobieta is not only a one of a kind by the fact it is cut and sewn at the moment of order (rather than mass produced), but it is also a work of fiber art. Hand dying, even solid colors, creates individual shading and beautiful subtleties not found in mass produced factory dyed fabrics.

Kobieta uses fabric reactive dyeing processing, not acids. Fiber-reactive shades are classified as low-impact because they meet the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international textile certification program. To meet this standard, low-impact dyes cannot contain toxic substances, must have an absorption rate in which 70% or more of the dye is absorbed by the fabric and require relatively little rinse water.  The only chemicals required, besides the dyes, are Table Salt (sodium chloride) and Washing Soda(sodium bicarbonate, aka Soda Ash). 

Another benefit is that fiber-reactive dyes develop color inside the fiber, rather than on the surface, thereby improving light-fastness and wash-fastness. No dyes available to home- or studio-dyer are more permanent. They bond with fabric on a molecular level, creating colorfast and long-lasting shades. 

If you have any questions regarding hand dyed fabric or the method used, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note, Black and Natural Bamboo/Organic Cotton Jersey are not hand dyed. Natural is the undyed, unbleached natural fabric before dying. Black is recieved already dyed to ensure non bleeding and a solid base.

Endless color possibilities start here.

And result in gorgeous variations of shades.