Q: What exactly does "custom clothing" mean?
A: If an item is listed as custom sizing or made to order, it means that after purchase I will gather a series of measurements from the buyer to create the item to their exact proportions. This ensures a fabulous fit because the item is built to YOUR specific proportions!

Q: Are custom items better than instock then?
A: That depends on the buyer, their time frame, and their shape. In stock items are made to a standard sizing so if typical standard sized clothing fits and flatters you normally then you should be fine! Also the buyer needs to consider their time frame. If the item is needed quickly then instock is the way to go. Custom items take approx approx 15 *BUSINESS* days to complete and ship.

Q: What if I get an item and it does not fit?
A: If the item was instock, I highly encourage buyers to rely on sizing and measurements as listed to determine if the item will fit them. But in the case that it does not, I do offer free tailoring services IF POSSIBLE. The buyer only is expected to cover shipping to send the item back to me and then shipping to send it back to them. Instructions will be given on the information needed to tailor the item at that time.

If an item is made to order/custom sizing...it is guaranteed to be made to the measurements I have been given. If it was not made to the correct measurements, I will cover shipping to return the item to me, I will resize it, and then I will cover return shipping to buyer. This is ONLY if the error was by me for not making the item to the measurements I was given. The shipping refund will be sent to the customer after I have the item back and have compared measurements to what I was given.
It is VERY important to submit correct measurements to reduce the chance of this needing to happen so time is not lost for you to receive and enjoy your new Kobieta item!
If I receive the item back to discover it was made to the measurements given to me then this is considered a buyers error for not submitting proper measurements. At this time, I will ask for new sizing information and buyer will be not be compensated for the return shipping and will be expected to send additional shipping for item to be returned them again after adjustments are made.
This is why I stress the importance of giving me proper measurements and asking for help if you are unsure how to measure.

Q: What if I do not know how to measure?
A: I am happy to walk buyers through all needed measurements and have done this long enough that is something sounds disproportionate to the others or the base sizing given, I usually catch it and will ask for clarification and make sure the measurement was done correctly. I am happy to assist in this manner and it is all a part of the process of enjoying custom made clothing. I have graphics to illustrate where and how to easily obtain correct measurements that can be seen here: Measurement Guide Page

Q: But isn't custom made clothing expensive?
A: Sometimes it is and every seller has to decide what is a fair wage for themselves based in experience and what they deem fair labor charges and what they pay for their materials. At Kobieta, I strive to keep my cost affordable so that anyone can enjoy the pleasure of having a custom made item but please do not mistake my moderate pricing for lesser quality. I have over 20 years experience sewing and have 100% positive feedback in several venues. I have sold online for nearly a decade and dressed woman around the world. My items are professionally made and finished and I design and draft most my own patterns.

Q: Do you guarantee your quality and workmanship?
A: Yes, I do. I double and triple check items before shipping but just in case workmanship errors sneak past me I will repair the item. You Must contact me within 3 days of receiving the item with any quality issues!

Durability.....Within the first 30 days of receiving the item, I will pay shipping for the time to be returned and repaired to top quality. I then pay shipping to return the item to the customer.
After 30 days, the repair is still free but customer needs to cover the shipping tome. I will then pay for return shipping after repaired. I strive for 100% satisfaction and I am not happy until the customer is.