I welcome you to my shop! I strive to provide a personal experience with outstanding customer service and honesty. Unlike faceless corporations... I am a real person, wife and mother with a passion and dedication to design, fiber arts, and handmade!

Home Sweet Home. Living in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, USA.

I am an admitted and proud tree hugger! This is why I use sustainable fibers, low impact dyes, and am dedicated to the idea that people, not factories, can connect and provide for one another.

You are welcome here! I treat every customer with dignity and respect. I am happy to work with every body to create items that are your style, comfort and fit. Inclusivity is paramount in my home and my business. 


In my free time, I am an avid hiker and mountain climber. I spend every weekend I can adventuring through the Rocky Mountains. So if a message is left over the weekend and it takes me a day to respond...this why ;)



And finally, I am dedicated to this thought; Be yourself. Love Yourself. Embrace yourself. We are all perfect in our own way and deserve to shop with dignity and pride.

What does "....because style is not a size?" mean? 
Let me start at the beginning! 

I began sewing for others by sewing for myself first. I am curvaceous and I am proud of my curves. I wanted clothing that spoke to this. 

What I was buying from retail stores was leaving me feeling squeezed, or with the item hanging on me like a sack. If the bust and hips fit nicely the middle was too big. If the middle fit correctly, I was bursting the seams at the bust and hips. I was beyond frustrated! 
No matter what the brand, the style was built around the specific size and figure the designer had in mind and not really what the majority of people are actually shaped like, let alone a curvy person like myself.

One day I realized that I was modifying nearly everything I bought off the rack and it was a silly waste of time and money. That day, I began drawing and sketching designs. I began to build Kobieta on the foundation that every person should be able to wear fashion that is comfortable and flattering and actually fits THEIR body. Fashion THEY choose and not be stuck only picking whatever happens to be available in their size. 

I honestly thought this was only a plus size problem until I began discussing and testing designs on the mass market. I then realized that most people were very tired of buying a size and not a style. I realized that regardless of the size or shape of the person, finding clothing that fit really well and made them feel good was extremely hard. 

The idea came to me that if I built every piece around a person's individual measurements, then the style was being bought…not the size. 

So, what does "....because style is not a size?" mean? 
It means the size is irrelevant. It's about the style you want, not the size you are stuck choosing from. 

Kobieta was truly born then! I drew the name from my heritage. (Kobieta is the Polish word for "Woman") 
Nearly every piece that is sold from my shop is built to the customer's personal measurements so that you can select whatever style you want and be assured it is "available" in your size. 

I do not charge extra for making clothing to your measurements and custom sizing, because sometimes a number on a size chart does not really work for your body type! 
You are more than a number on a chart. 
You are more than a size. 
From the extra smalls of the world to the extra extra larges....you buy the style at Kobieta and the style is made to fit you. 

The process of made to order items does create a small wait time, as I am building every item from scratch with every order. For custom measurement made items, there is no preset pattern to use because every person gets their own pattern based on their measurements. However, an approx 3 week turn around average for well-made custom clothing is not too shabby! 

This method is called "slow fashion" because each item is is carefully and meticulously constructed one at a time ...versus "fast fashion" which is typically done in mass production, in factories overseas, that many times are horribly unsafe for its workers and heavy in carbon footprints due to less stringent environmental laws in these countries. 
Not only is "slow fashion" special because of the heart that goes into it by the maker but it is also human rights conscious and eco friendly. 
Besides... the fit and comfort of Kobieta clothing is eons above off the rack items! 

My philosophy is simple and I work hard to bring it to every single person I work with: 
You should feel proud, beautiful and strong. 

Style is not a size and size should not determine your style. 

~Nikki Plank/Owner, Designer & Seamstress